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Corporate Crimes

White-collar crime represents one of the fastest-growing types of crime in the world.

Highly visible white-collar prosecutions in the United States include financiers Ivan Boesky (1986) and Michael Milken (1990) for billions of dollars in securities fraud. Charles Keating (1992 and 1993) was convicted for looting his own savings and loan.

Enron Corp.’s chief financial officer Andrew Fastow (2004) was found guilty of manipulating off-balance-sheet transactions which led to the collapse of Enron.

White-collar crime part of an organized effort to serve financial interests of a corporation is known as corporate crime. In some cases corporate crimes are conducted by false entities that pose as legal corporations or partnerships. Since corporations cannot be incarcerated, they can be criminally punished with fines and other sanctions. Criminal liability in these cases is based on acts or omissions of the company’s employees and executives.

Although white-collar crimes are varied, most have several characteristics in common:

  1. They involve the use of deceit and concealment rather than force or violence for the illegitimate gain of money, property or services. For example, a defendant convicted of making false statements in order to obtain a government contract is considered a white-collar criminal.
  2. They typically involve abuse of trust and power. Public officials who solicit and accept bribes, or corporate officers who fix prices to drive competitors out of business, are abusing their positions.

White-collar crime is usually more difficult to detect than other types of crime because losses may not be immediately apparent to victims. It is also difficult because crimes can involve sophisticated schemes and cover-ups. For example, Real Estate fraud may involve an escrow officer, a buyer, an appraiser, and a bank officer, all who sign false documents for personal gain.

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Categories of Corporate Crime

The most common type of white-collar crime is fraud which involves obtaining money or services by making false representations or promises. The key question in these cases is whether the defendant intended to deceive the victims or if the business just failed in an honest venture. One of the most common types of fraud involves telemarketing schemes that misrepresent the value, the terms of sale, or the use of the goods or services being sold.
Perjury, obstruction of justice, false statements, and witness tampering are also considered white-collar crimes. Although the goal is not necessarily to obtain money or services, these crimes are illegal because they interfere with the proper functioning of the justice system.
Bribery and extortion are more general, in that they constitute illegal means of influencing persons in power in public or private institutions. Bribery involves the giving of something of value in exchange for an official’s exercise of power.
Extortion is a threat made to obtain a benefit from either a public official or a private individual.
Money Laundering
Money laundering is a newer type of white-collar crime that is utilized by criminals wishing to conceal profits gained through illegal activities. Drug dealers and purveyors of counterfeit goods and currencies often create money-laundering schemes to hide the source of their earnings.
Regulatory Crimes
A variety of regulatory offenses are also considered white-collar crimes. These may include:

  • Violation of tax laws
  • Avoidance of currency-reporting requirements
  • Securities violations
  • Environmental crimes

In addition to criminal punishment, those convicted of regulatory violations may also be subject to civil and administrative penalties. Such violations, unlike common-law crimes, may not require any criminal intent by the defendant. Instead, they may be seen as “strict liability” crimes for which mere failure to comply with the legal standards is grounds to establish criminal liability.

Computer Crimes
Computer crimes represent one means by which white-collar criminals exploit technology. Examples include using a computer as a mechanism for committing securities fraud, credit card fraud, and identity theft. Computer crimes also may involve illegally accessing and tampering with other users’ computer files.

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