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What is Business Law?

Business law, known as commercial law, is the generic term for the body of laws governing entities and commercial transactions. For instance, if you wanted to start a company, business law dictates how to organize and register your company. It will also dictate how to pay employees and even how to legally ship your shoe merchandise to customers overseas.

Business law applies to many different aspects of a business. In addition, business laws vary based on the type of business.  This includes private vs. public, for-profit vs. not-for-profit, etc.), its structure (corporation vs. general partnership), and jurisdiction.

Examples of business law include:

The Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890: Most antitrust laws originated from this Act. Antitrust laws help to regulate the organization and conduct of businesses.  They also ensure fair competition, and protect consumers from oppressive business practices. The Sherman Act is used to prevent monopolies and to restrict business activities that affect interstate commerce.  This in turn, could hurt consumers.

The Lanham Act: The Lanham Act is also known as the Trademark Act of 1946.  This act is a federal law that regulates trademarks, service marks, and unfair competition. If you created a trademark for your company, you could register it and receive certain legal protections under this Act.

The Securities Act of 1933: This Act requires that businesses provide investors with specific financial information before they invest in a company. This Act also applies when a company wants to go public (i.e., initial public offerings or “IPOs”).

The Federal Tax Code: This also falls under standard tax law, not only business law.   The federal tax code is just as important for your business. This tax code covers everything from how to tax employees to how to file federal income taxes for your business.

The Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”): The FLSA sets the standards for employee wages and overtime pay. It applies to the majority of both public and private businesses. Nonexempt employees must be paid at least the federal minimum wage and one-and-one-half times their normal rate of pay for overtime.

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