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Twin Peaks Biker Melee in Waco, Texas

On May 17, 2015, 9 people died, 22 were injured and 177 arrested following an altercation at a Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco, Texas.  Four years later on April 2, 2019, the (new) District Attorney dropped the last 24 cases.  Looney, Smith & Conrad, P.C. represented several of these people and worked endlessly through 1.9 Terabytes of Discovery.  Read more here:

The Sunday Read: ‘The Waco Biker Shootout Left Nine Dead. Why Was No One Convicted?’ The New York Times Podcast March 6, 2022

The Waco Biker Shootout Left Nine Dead.  Why Was No One Convicted?  The New York Times magazine February 27, 2022 

Attorneys Win State Pro Bono Award for Work on Central Texas Cases: Waco Tribune June 11, 2019

Bikers Seek Return of Items Seized in Deadly Waco Shootout: Washington Post June 6, 2019

Former Twin Peaks Suspects Want Property Back: Fox44 National News June 5, 2019

Twin Peaks Attorney Seeks Special Master to Oversee Property Return: Waco Tribune June 5, 2019

DA Won’t Scrub Arrest Record of Injured Biker in Twin Peaks Shootout: The Eagle, Bryan, Texas April 23, 2019

An Emotional Release: Team of Lawyers Cheer: Houston Chronicle April 7, 2019

No one will answer for Twin Peaks shootings after DA dismisses last 24 defendants: Waco Tribune April 3, 2019

DA Dismisses Remaining 24 Twin Peaks Biker Cases: Waco Tribune April 2, 2019

More Twin Peaks Cases Dismissed by Special Prosecutors: Waco Tribune February 26, 2019

Biker asks Appeals court to Quash Riot Indictment: Waco Tribune September 19, 2018

Twin Peaks Defendant Asks for Postponement of August Trial: Waco Tribune August 3, 2018

Motion to Drop Riot Charge Against Twin Peaks Biker Delayed: KCEN-TV July 27, 2018

Attorneys: Twin Peaks re-indictments were ‘unlawfully obtained; files motion in court: KCENTV Waco, TX June 4, 2018

Biker Seeks to Quash New Indictment, Arguing Procedural Error: Waco Tribune June 4, 2018

Cases Against Bikers Flounder 3 Years After Waco Shootout: US News and World Report May 17, 2018

Bloody Sunday: Criminal Cases are Unraveling Three Years After Deadly Biker Shootout in Waco: Houston Chronicle May 13, 2018

More Twin Peaks Case Dismissals Expected as Prosecutors Re-Evaluate: Waco Tribune April 28, 2018

Dozens of Twin Peaks Biker Shootout Cases Likely to be Dismissed: kcentv April 27, 2018

Judge Extends Stay in Twin Peaks Civil Suits: Waco Tribune April 2, 2018

Judge orders DA’s Office to Stop Distributing Explicit Images of Biker and Wife: Waco Tribune March 28, 2018

Judge to Determine if Explicit Personal Videos Should be Recalled in Twin Peaks Case: Waco Tribune March 23, 2018

Waco DA Dismisses Case Against Former Biker: Houston Chronicle March 13, 2018

Two More Biker Cases Dismissed; First Following Republican Primary Election Defeat of District Attorney Abel Reyna: KCEN-TV March 12, 2018

Twin Peaks Case Dismissed Against Cody Ledbetter: KWKT Fox 44 News March 12, 2018

Prosecutors Move to Dismiss Case Against Ledbetter Who Lost Loved One at Twin Peaks: KCEN-TV March 12, 2018

DA Dismisses Two More Twin Peaks Cases: Waco Tribune March 12, 2018

Download: Gunshot Residue and the Twin Peaks Saga by Clay S.Conrad February 28, 2018

Editorial: Claims about DA Reyna’s Political Favors Should Worry All Law-Abiding Citizens: Download: Waco Tribune November 14, 2017

Prosecutor Accused of ‘Revenge Porn’ Attack on Biker Gang Member: The Daily Beast October 7, 2017

Another Motion Filed in Twin Peaks Trial: KWKT TV October 5, 2017

Download: Motion to Recall Discovery and Disqualify McLennan County District Attorney’s office

Judge Sets Trial Date for Biker Arrested at Twin Peaks: Waco Tribune June 23, 2017

First Trial Postponed for Biker Involved in 2015 Waco Twin Peaks Shootout: May 7, 2017

Complex Federal Case Could Delay Trials of Twin Peaks Bikers: KWTX-TV March 29, 2017

Woman Arrested in Waco Biker Gang Shootout Seeks $350 Million: KWTX-TV March 17, 2017

Brenham Woman Files $350 Million Lawsuit after Twin Peaks Shooting: KHOU-TV March 9, 2017

First Twin Peaks Trial Delayed: The Eagle March 3, 2017

Biker-Defendant Looks to Remove Waco DA Abel Reyna from the Case: Texas Lawyer February 1, 2017

Twin Peaks Shootout One Year Later: WFAA 8 ABC TV May 17, 2016

Effort to Remove Prosecutor Could Delay Waco Shootout Trial: Fox 7 Austin May 17, 2016

Tune in CNN for Gritty Look at Texas Biker Brawl: San Antonio Express May 16, 2016

Paul Looney makes startling observations about the holes in the McLennan County DA’s cases: Radio Legendary May 14, 2016

Bikers Gather outside Courthouse Nearly a Year after Shootout: KWTX10-TV May 14, 2016

How Media Coverage of the Twin Peaks Shooting will Impact the Trial: KXXY ABC News 25 April 28, 2016

Full Waco Twin Peaks Biker Shooting Videos; Witness Statements Made Public: April 6, 2016

Where are we at in the Waco Biker Gang Shootout Investigation?: Houston Press April 4, 2016

Some Waco Charges Dismissed…or Not?: April 4, 2016

Attorneys at Odds over Whether Remaining Twin Peaks Cases Dismissed: KWTX TV April 1, 2016

Lawyer: Charges Dismissed Against Unindicted Twin Peaks Bikers: Waco Tribune April 1, 2016

Term of Texas Grand Jury Considering Biker Cases Expires: NBC-5 2016 April

Charges Dismissed Against Dozens of Waco Bikers: Houston Chronicle April 1, 2016

Lawyer: Charges Dismissed Against Dozens of Waco Bikers: San Antonio Express News April 1, 2016

Twin Peaks Biker Couple Says Charges Dropped, But Not Dismissed: Free Republic April 1, 2016

Appeals Court Denies Speedy Trial in Twin Peaks Case: Waco Tribune March 11, 2016

Twin Peaks Indictments List 10th Dead Biker: Waco Tribune December 17, 2015

Lawyer in Waco Biker Case Challenges the Government to Put up or Shut up with Trials: Reason Magazine November 17, 2015

Attorney: Flawed Prosecution Theory will cost County Millions in Twin Peaks Biker Cases: Waco Tribune November 16, 2015

Lawyer: Twin Peaks Chaos Stops if First Biker Gets Immediate Trial: Houston Chronicle November 16, 2015

106 Indicted in Waco Twin Peaks Biker Shootout with More Still to Come, Prosecutors Say: November 12, 2015

Twin Peaks Biker who Evaded Arrest to have Bullet Removed: New York Daily News September 11, 2015

Waco Judge Rules Being in a Club is a Crime?: Motorcycle Profiling Project August 18, 2015

The Book of Waco, Page 1: Above Top Secret Blog September 9, 2015

Life and Death in Waco: A Biker’s Story: Houston Chronicle June 22, 2015

Biker Recounts Deadly Day in Waco: Houston Chronicle June 22, 2015

What Really Happened in the Waco Motorcycle Gang Massacre?: Reason Magazine June 18, 2015

Couples Lives Caught in Biker Crossfire: Houston Chronicle June 14, 2015

Biker Couple says their Hellish Story is Shared by many Jailed in Waco: Houston Chronicle June 12, 2015

Bikers Jailed After Waco Shootout Deride High Bonds and Slow Justice: New York Times June 10, 2015

What Waco Police Still Won’t Reveal About the Biker-Gang Shootout: The Atlantic June 4, 2015

What’s up with the Bogus Waco Bond Reduction Story?: Houston Press June 3, 2015

Texas Authorities Lower Bail for Bikers Arrested in Waco Shooting: NPR June 2, 2015

Waco Biker Brawl: Man Charged After Deadly Shooting Calls Arrests a Sham: NBC News June 2, 2015

Released Waco Bikers: They Made us Feel Like Animals: USA Today June 2, 2015

exas Tyranny: Waco Judge Agrees to Let Most Bikers Go – if they Sign a Contract Vowing not to Sue for Wrongful Arrest: Washington Weekly News June 1, 2015

Biker’s Attorneys Battle over Fake Litigation Waiver Rumors: Waco Tribune June 1, 2015

Waco Biker Massacre by Cops at Twin Peaks: May 29, 2015

Bikers Released after Bond Reduction Agreements with DA: Waco Tribune May 28, 2015

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