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Many child abuse investigations result in unsubstantiated or false allegations made by a child, a teacher, or one of the parents. Our Texas Child Abuse Lawyers at Looney, Smith & Conrad, P.C., take child abuse very seriously and support legislative efforts to protect children.

Unfortunately, many parents, relatives, and other adults are falsely accused in retaliation for a failed relationship or because of the whims of a child. When a person is accused of child abuse, he or she generally is condemned by well-meaning but horrified third parties without first seeking the truth. This rush to judgment – a natural result of our instinctive desire to protect children – makes it difficult to obtain a fair trial with the presumption of innocence intact.

The Child Abuse Attorneys at Looney, Smith & Conrad, P.C. are dedicated to child abuse criminal defense and are also well known in the legal community for expertise in this area of law. Our top trial attorney, Paul Looney, has been featured as an expert commentator on high profile child abuse trials such as the McMartin Day Care sex abuse trial.

Criminal charges involving child abuse often have an emotional factor that needs to be part of an effective defense. We use our experience and knowledge to investigate every detail of the charges, select a fair, unbiased jury, and present a defense case that is based on protecting the person’s rights, keeping him or her out of jail, and helping minimize the consequences of the charges.

Child Abuse Information and Child Abuse Facts

Child abuse includes both neglect and the physical, emotional, and sexual abuse of children. Although most people think first of physical abuse, neglect, emotional and sexual abuse makes up the majority of reported cases.

Physical Abuse

Physical abuse is defined as physical injury intentionally or knowingly inflicted on a child. The law recognizes that in some cases the parent or caretaker may not have intended to hurt the child; rather, the injury may have resulted from excessive discipline or physical punishment.

Physical abuse includes punching, beating, kicking, biting, burning, shaking, or otherwise physically harming a child. Injuries that can be fatal include severe head trauma, shaken baby syndrome, trauma to the abdomen or chest, scalding, burns, drowning, suffocation, and poisoning. Child abuse should always be reported, investigated, and stopped.

Child Neglect

Child neglect accounts for 60% of all cases. There are various forms of neglect, including failing to meet the basic needs of a child to adequate food, a safe, clean home and necessary medical care. Failure to provide for a child’s emotional well-being, repeated exposure to domestic violence and failing to provide for a child’s educational requirements are also forms of child neglect.

Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse happens when a person has a pattern of behavior that has a negative impact on a child’s emotional well-being and development. Emotional abuse can take many forms such as withholding affection, threats, being excessively critical and confining a child to small spaces for extended amounts of time.

Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse is defined as the use of a child for the sexual gratification of an adult. It can include inducing, coercing or persuading a child to engage in or assist with a sexual act. Rape, child prostitution, pornography and exploitation of a child are examples. Sexual abuse accounts for about 10% of all child abuse cases.

Is Anybody Listening?

Doctors alleging child abuse based on questionable injuries has become a pervasive problem across this country. We are proud our attorney Wade B. Smith was able to expose one of these cases to the Harris County Grand Jury and get a “No Bill,” determining the criminal charges alleged were not sufficiently supported by the evidence presented to warrant criminal prosecution.


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