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Adoptions Can be Confusing

The adoption process can be confusing and complex. Whether seeking adopt, or needing assistance with an unplanned pregnancy, adoption attorneys can help.

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In Texas there are several options for adoption. Several key decisions need to be made including the type of adoption (infant or older child), and the country of origin (domestic or international adoptions). These decisions determine where the process begins.

Potential adoptive parents must be at least 21 years of age, financially stable, responsible mature adults, and complete a home study.

Requirements and Limitations for Adopting Children

Texas Adoption Home Study

A home study involves an inspection of the home, the background of the couple, their financial ability to raise a child, parenting skills or tools, the marriage (if applicable) and many other aspects of life. All adults in the home will need to complete a criminal history background check and an abuse and neglect check. The same types of questions will be asked, no matter which avenue of adoption people go through.

International Adoption in Texas

Some countries do not allow infant adoptions and only place older children; however some infants may also be adopted through international adoption. Certain countries have restrictions on the age limits of the adoptive parents. Working with an adoption agency that is experienced in facilitating adoptions in the country of interest may help the adoption go more smoothly.

For more information concerning adoption abroad, contact an International Adoption Lawyer at Looney, Smith & Conrad, P.C. at 281-597-8818 today. Our adoption lawyers will explain international adoption requirements and answer all questions concerning adoption.

Texas Infant Adoption

Adopting an infant in Texas is handled through an adoption agency or an adoption attorney. The agency or attorney needs to be licensed in Texas and should have experience with infant adoptions.

Texas Older Child or Special Needs Adoption

Texas does not have a shortage of children available for adoption. There are many children in foster care hoping for a family. While the program is called special needs adoption, it is not only children with a physical or emotional special need that are waiting to be adopted. Children who are part of a sibling group that needs to be placed together, children of different ethnic backgrounds, and children who have difficulty being placed because of their age are all considered special needs.

Potential adoptive parents are required to complete a series of Parent Resources for Information, Development, and Education (‘PRIDE’) training classes. These classes help educate people about the potential needs of a special needs child and give resources to handle these situations.

Texas Adoption Registry

Texas maintains a Mutual Consent Voluntary Adoption Registry. The Registry searches for birth parents who have agreed to be contacted by their birth children. If a match occurs, the identities of the parties are confirmed and the information is released to the interested parties. Registration is handled through the Texas Department of Human Services.

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